About Me

Jamie Maclean

Hi, Welcome to my page! I’m Jamie and I’m a student at Freestyle academy and Los Altos High School. In Freestyle, I take Digital Media, Film, and English and I’m really excited to start displaying my projects on this page. Some of my favorite hobbies are playing the piano, guitar, saxophone, skateboarding, and badminton. I really love music as you can see by the instruments I play and I also really like making music online on my computer. Some of my favorite genres are Hip Hop and Alt Rock. I also love spending time with my friends whether it be during the marching band, with my badminton team, or just hanging out. All of these things really inspire me and have a big impact So far, I’ve been loving my time at freestyle and the opportunities it gives me and I’m super excited to see what the year ahead will be like. In Film it has been really cool to see and learn how major Hollywood movies are made and how to make them ourselves. Digital media is also teaching us very useful skills such as how to use our camera and how to set up the website you see in front of you. And English is a really fun alternative to normal high school English because it takes all the skills we’re learning in digital media and film and applying it to English. Overall, I’m looking forward to a great year.

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