My name is Jehannah Seegmiller. I’m a junior currently attending Mountain View Highschool. In addition, I’m a film student at Freestyle Academy. My top 3 core values are respect, empathy, and curiosity. I respect an individuals’ time, criticism, effort, and perspective. I empathize with others to allow myself to learn and understand the world. Lastly, I’m curious about the new experiences and challenges I will face as I continue to grow in my self-expression and creative thinking.

On my free time, I often read a diversified theme of books that interest me or that have been recommended to me. In addition, I like to discover new places that has an enticing architecture or interior design. I’m always open to new adventures and keep an open mind to finding new hobbies or to expand my knowledge on current projects that I’m working on.

For this school year, I expect my proficiency in newfound subjects to grow as the year continues. Likewise, I’m hoping to interact with new people around me to allow me to communicate with the world efficiently.