Class of 2021, Junior Year

A picture of me and my sister when we were much younger.

Hello! My name is Justin Meiseles. I was a film student at Freestyle Academy. I chose to take film because I was always quite interested in the way that movies were actually produced. The film class gave me the inside look at every single step I need to take to make any piece of cinematography, be it commercials, short films, or blockbusters. I enjoyed and valued Freestyle because of the major sense of community. It’s been two years and I know I’ve made lifetime friends. I also really valued the interdisciplinary learning style. Taking three classes that all correlate with each other made learning more fun and interactive. I loved to spend time in these classes learning many things about the people I was with, and the programs I still use. Going into Freestyle my biggest passions were driving, ultimate frisbee, and listening to music. I said something about my driver’s license here when it mattered because Freestyle campus used to be a 10 minute drive from LAHS.

Next year I am going to be going to begin my next 4 years at University of Colorado Boulder. I plan to study film or digital media there with 0 scholarships. I personally really enjoyed my time at Freestyle. It has taught me that there sometimes is more work than you feel like you can complete, but with dedication and good planning it is possible to get it done. I also feel like because these years of my life are so crucial to the way I view the world, that learning so much about how to express my view of the world in different ways so early on feels like a blessing. My number one piece of advice for new seniors is to complete Digital Media work on time. This isn’t a joke. It is the biggest reason I have struggled in the past and according to other students I have talked to, it’s that way for a lot of people. Just do the work for the class, turn in crappy work if you must.