About Me

My name is Kajsa (pronounced Kai-sah), and I’m currently a junior in animation. Like most people in that class, I really enjoy drawing. I’ve always had an affinity for art, but I don’t like the term ‘art kid’, because I don’t think it applies to me, who leans away from that aspect of myself— most of my friends don’t even know I draw. It is not something I keep hidden, but is something that is just as important to me as the clothes I wear and how I do my hair.

I have always valued vivacity and introspectiveness more than anything. I’ve seen too many people think too deeply about the wrong things, and develop a nihilistic outlook on the world. So the people who can be aware of the world while keeping their enthusiasm for it inspire me greatly.

Outside of school, I spend the majority of my time with my friends. I do everything with them; studying, exploring, playing videogames, watching movies, and most importantly, doing nothing. In my alone time, I’m either writing stories, texting my friends, or learning new skills. Recently, I’ve been learning Swedish.

During my time at Freestyle Academy, I want to learn the foundations of any industry-standard equipment and software relating to video production and animation. Aside from that, my focus lies in building a skillset to make work I am proud of, and to find out which career path I want to follow; whether or not art will stay a hobby, or whether it’s a passion I can develop into a job.