About Me

Says: About me, Loren Elise Chun, plus my name in Chinese

I am an animation senior in Freestyle Academy for Communication Arts and Technology. Art is my life and I hope to use it and become an animator in the future. My goal in life is to inspire people to pursue their dreams, especially if their dreams involve art, as well as spread my ideas and stories. I really love music, especially Kpop and am highly invested in the Asian culture and trying to advocate for Asian Americans. I am a dreamer who uses the skills I learn from Freestyle to show my dreams in a more visual and metaphorical way. My favorite Freestyle projects include my very first animations including my flip book and poem as well as my exploration final.

Colorful eggs opening to spell Freestyle

Freestyle has really helped me to discover my artistic voice and has given me new perspectives of both art and the world. I really value the community and all of the opportunities and skills that it has given me. Because of Freestyle, I am slowly breaking out of my shell and am beginning to share my opinions and see them as valuable. I am so grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity to help develop my artistic side.

Gradient blue night sky with stars and lanterns spelling out my name with a black silhouette of the city in the back and water at the bottom
An animation project inspired by my favorite animated movie with my name and other elements of myself drawn on the lantern.
Self portrait of myself with music inspired references
A self portrait of myself that I believe is one of my best works. The Korean and Chinese written are inspired by the music I listen to, the music notes are from one of my favorite songs called “Spring Day” by BTS