What is “Documentary?”

The documentary unit focuses on creatively portraying a person, place, group, idea, or issue in the community. We were supposed to choose one of those to focus on and form an essay, book, and (for me) an animation. This was our first step into creating artwork that benefits/ relates to our community and is meant to expose some sort of hidden aspect. I am mildly disappointed in my work for this documentary because I originally wanted to focus on something other than happiness. I had wanted to focus on a musician who I knew, however, he moved away shortly before the project started, so I was forced to choose a new focus. I know I could have done better, but I am still proud of some of the artistic aspects, not so much the content though.


English & Design

In this unit, English and Design complimented each other. The essay which we wrote in English became the book which we created in Design. I focused on the topic of happiness and how it progresses throughout one’s life. To do this, I interviewed my two cousins, my best friends, my art teacher, and my grandmother. While the importance of happiness is obvious, I learned a lot more about the variety of definitions it can have to someone.

Link to my book


In animation, we turned one of our interviews into a video. We learned how to lip sync in tune with the audio from the interview and turn information into concrete objects. I am not too proud of my animation, there could definitely have been more movement in terms of the actual animation, however, I am proud of the lip sync.