The podcast unit gives us a lot of freedom in terms of what we talk about and with who. Our assignment was simply to choose a subject that we wanted to talk about, decide whether or not you wanted to work with someone else or invite others on the podcast, and then record.

The Idea: LMK

I was actually really excited for the podcast unit. I had so many topics that I wanted to discuss such as music, philosophy, and just overall rants. However, I chose to work with my two friends, Katelyn Bernardo and Maria Haggart on this project. Together, we decided that we would analyze a movie that at least one of us hasn’t seen.

Pictured (Left to right): Me, Maria, Katelyn
Us at our junior prom

To figure out what movie we would watch, we Google searched through so called “iconic” movies that everyone must see. From there, we took out movies all of us have seen and then movies that we were not necessarily interested in. Eventually, after much debate, we settled on the Princess Bride. Maria and I had seen the Princess Bride before, but Katelyn had not. Maria and I figured it would be interesting to watch the movie again since it had been so long since we watched it, and so we settled on this classic.

Image result for the princess bride

Why LMK?

We decided on LMK because of the meaning we could put behind it. The first meaning is that it is just our initials: Loren, Maria, Katelyn. The second meaning is that the acronym normally means “Let me know” which we thought fit considering our podcast is about us letting our audience know about our opinions on the movies we watch. As we plan on continuing this podcast into college, our name might change to “Dropouts” to symbolize us dropping out of college for this podcast, but we’ll see where the future takes us.

Creating the Podcast:

To record our podcast, we used a snowball mic and recorded using Quicktime player. We recorded in two sessions. The first one was about our expectations for the movie and a little introduction for Katelyn about what the movie was going to be about and what she may end up liking about it. The second session was after we had watched the movie. We talked about what we liked about it, the possible plot holes, and possible meaning it could have. In our podcast, there are some snippets of our live reactions which we recorded as we watched the movie.


This unit required us to record the podcast, create an album art cover, and make original music to put into our podcast. Because there were three of us working on the same podcast, we decided to divide the work evenly. I was in charge of editing the audio for the podcast, Katelyn created the album art, and Maria created the music that you hear during the breaks of our podcast.