Digital Media

This year in my Digital Media class we explored a variety of mediums including music production with the use of programs like Reason and Pro Tools and digital design by using Adobe Illustrator to draw our own mandalas.

Music Production

For this project, because I am a second year Digital Media student, I was required to make my own song combining the techniques that I have learned in Pro Tools and Reason. I decided to do a cover of the song “Say Something” by A Great Big World by playing and recording instrumental sounds from the piano and then mixing these instrumentals in with my voice. Here is the final product:


For our Mandala Project, we used reflective techniques on Adobe Illustrator to create our own unique mandala drawings. We finished with a copy of our drawings printed on either wood or vinyl. This project taught us to use lines and shapes to create a symmetric masterpiece.

This is my laser mandala that was printed onto a piece of vinyl.
Here is a video of the process of me making my mandala.

Artist Statement

During this project, I really underestimated the level of calmness I felt while designing my very own mandala. I have always been envious of the people who could draw perfectly symmetrical designs and discovering this new technique on Adobe Illustrator gave me a new perspective on art and design. I think the beauty of this project was the freedom that came with. Each mandala is creative and unique in its own way, allowing each individual to express their sense of aesthetically pleasing visuals. I love how easy it is to stare at a mandala and find new details in it each time. To me, it plays into the topic of dimensions and how everything in this world has layers. For my mandala, I decided to add elements of nature as that is something very close to my heart. The most noticeable touches would be the leaves, sun, waves, and mushrooms. For some reason, any combination of lines and shapes creates a stunning piece of art.

This is my colored mandala.

Freedom Project

For our freedom project, I decided to make a trailer for my movie that I was working on in my Film class. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to create this short sneak peek.