Featured Works

Out of all my projects that I have done at Freestyle, there are a few that have always been my proudest and and most favorite.

First, I would love to highlight my Junior Documentary project, as I feel that this project has helped me grow the most as an artist and professional throughout my last two years. I decided to take on the challenge of doing my documentary about Jack O’Neill, famous surfer and credited wetsuit-inventor. I had no idea how to even begin tackling such a massive idea, but with the help of my teachers and my parents I was able to come out with a product that I am still proud of to this day.

In addition to my documentary, I am extremely proud of my Senior Reflections project where I challenged myself to explore the idea of daydreaming in a visually obvious way. I was able to learn more about Adobe After Effects and I discovered new ways to make the impossible a reality.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the work I did on my Zenith project, our Senior project that allows us to further explore our greatest interests. I decided to make an indie style music video to accompany an original song I wrote with one of my good friends. I am super proud of the finished product, as this has been a project I had been hoping to tackle since Junior year.