About the podcast

presented with our next project, Eren G. and I decided to create a podcast with a personal touch. The podcast, titled “Dancing for Clout”, regards our personal experiences and opinions regarding Mountain View’s dance program, Dance Spectrum. In the podcast, we give our two cents, as well as hear the perspective of current student Katherine Sun and teacher Lauren Kato.

Podcaster Bio

Eren G and I, are current students of Mountain view high school and Freestyle Academy. Eren is has been involved with Dance Spectrum for three years, spending his first two leading the 2nd period beginner world dance class and is now currently in advanced dance. He spent his time choreographing multiple class pieces as well as is a current board member of the club Spartan Dance. I on the other hand have n paper been enrolled in the dance program for one and a half years, both in 4th period the advanced class. However, each year I have been involved in the program somewhat, be it audition pieces or choreographing. In the past I have taken dance classes since I was young, but am currently taking a break form the hobby.


Although and Eren and my experience have been quote different, though it we were able to conclude that dance spectrum as many universal problem that can be related to many other school run programs. We felt that is was necessary to address the issues, while acknowledging its faults, but also positives. We hope to create a podcast that will help listeners between understand the importance of good communication and community building within a group of people.




I think making the podcast was not only a useful process, but also very fun. In the past we have created audio productions, however most required some basic knowledge of music. It was nice to get a change of pace and create audio productions aside for music. Furthermore It helped teach us the importance of creating a “story arc” in which information is relayed in an easy to understand yet engaging way to its audience. I really valued how it taught us to use the music applications in a new, creative method.