About Me

Hi, I’m Nate. I am a junior at Mountain View High School and a first year at Freestyle Academy. I value community, harmony, friendship, and family. I find a lot of my happiness in life comes from the people around me. I spend a lot of my time interacting with all different kinds of people, not just from one specific friend group or community. I value the friendships I have with my classmates, teammates, and closest friends. Another value I hold is harmony. As I mentioned previously, a lot of my joy in life comes from the people around me, and thus, I try to avoid and resolve conflict as it damages communities, friendships, and families. And my final major core value is family. Family is a very important part of my life as they are my support system, my best friends, and the people I trust most.

Outside of school, I enjoy playing sports, watching shows, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. Pretty much year round I am playing sports for Mountain View. I play basketball in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. With all of the off-season prep and the in-season work, I am almost always busy with sports. In recent years, I have been getting into watching shows. In years past I never considered watching shows in my free time, however, that has changed and I am now thoroughly enjoying The Office. While I do dedicate some of my time to watching shows now, most of my time at home goes towards playing games with my friends and listening to music. Video games are something I enjoy a lot because I get to interact and compete with my friends even when we are not together physically. And finally, when I’m not busy with sports and hanging out with friends, I spend time with my family. Talking to my family always has a positive effect on my mental health, as it gives me a way to vent and work out the stresses of everyday life.

This year in school, I expect that I will work hard in my classes, learn, and be a good teammate, classmate, and student. I hope to have a fun year despite the workload of junior year, and I expect that freestyle will be a balance of the two. I look forward to learning and exposing myself to the cool and new things freestyle has to offer. In my morning classes, when I am not at freestyle, I will pay attention and do my best to find success because those are arguably my hardest classes. During my sports seasons, I expect to be a good teammate and coachable player, and I hope to improve my skills and help my team win. Overall, during school hours, I expect to be a good student by working hard and learning, and outside of school, I expect to be a good teammate and friend.