Mia Polcyn

Welcome to my page! This website is meant to showcase all of my work done in Freestyle. Freestyle is a challenging and independent art school that has given me the creative freedom to explore all aspects of my interest in art. This year at freestyle I am taking English Honors, Design, and Digital Media. Throughout my time at Freestyle, I have been given the opportunity to learn specific techniques that have allowed me to excel in my passion. I am specifically drawn to creative writing and photography, which I have been able to explore through my English and Design classes. I never would’ve thought that I would pertain so much knowledge about the world of art at the age that I am, which is why I am extremely excited to showcase my work on this website.

Below you will find links to the different sections of my work including my conceptual, narrative, and documentary projects. Each project that I have completed has been developed further in each of my classes using a variety of creative skillsets from my mind and on the computer. I have been able to express my creativity through each product by experimenting with new tools and applications to put together final products that I am extremely proud of. Before Freestyle, I had never been comfortable with any online programs, especially with those on Adobe. Each project below showcases the use of different programs including Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, and Adobe Illustrator.

This link will take you to my Conceptual Website. This project was designed to allow me to think creatively about a topic and take a more abstract approach on my work and the final product. On the website you will find poetry, experimental music, and conceptual photography.
The purpose of this Narrative Project is to showcase my work in writing, digital photography, graphic design, audio engineering, and web production by producing a graphic novel, illustrations, an audio story with original music from a story written by me. I used a plethora of applications in order to convey my story in different ways.
The documentary project requires me to use context on the lives of others to convey an interesting story.
The Explorations project allows me to further explore my passion using specific skillsets that apply to my goals.