I am currently working on an Action Reaction scene in Autodesk MAYA. A 3D programming software used for professional level animations. Here are some of the screenshots that I was able to take while working on it. This specific shot is of just the render, without added special effects or going through the design process, so it is still rough.

I add a lot of ambient lighting and the whole film with sound is a project that I am proud to have completed. Make sure to check the whole film out.

In digital media during this unit we focused on expanding the skills that we have already learned. I was super interested in the creation of music, so for my freedom project, a two week project where we could continue learning anything we wanted. I created my own EDM song through reason so I could use it for my upcoming Zenith project.

In digital Media we also were able to create a mandala, learning more about Adobe Illustrator and artistic creativity. If you would like to see my creation process and also the finished mandala, here is the zap code!

I have come back with the final product of my narrative project!

After finishing the animation and rendering, I am proud of the finished product which you can view here: