Welcome to my Showcase page. 

Hi! My name is Adam Galles, and I am an Animation student at Freestyle Academy. My time at Freestyle has helped me cultivate my passion for animation but also build upon my other creative skills. Outside of school I enjoy reading, writing stories, drawing, and playing all types of games.

My best work at freestyle is my Zenith project, and I will also be showing you my reel. My Zenith shows my artistic skill as well as many of the programs I have studied over the past two years. The reel that you are going to see is what I consider many of my highlights here at Freestyle which should give you a good idea of what I have done in the past two years. My Zenith was a highlight of my Freestyle Career in which I decided to work with another animation student, Addison L, to make a rotoscoped chase animation. Although the final product might not have been completely finished, I am satisfied with how it turned out, and all of the valuable skills about time management and personal animation style that I had learned.

I would like feedback on specific techniques I could have used in my animations and drawings to fill them with more emotion; many of my animations I want to be able to make emotional, my Zenith was meant to be tense and action filled. I also would like recommendations on how to improve my drawing and any suggestions you have for the pacing and structure of my Zenith project.

As for the future, I will be attending the Animation program and Loyola Marymount. I am happy to be heading to LA and excited to explore animation at the next level. Freestyle provided an amazing foundation, and I am especially excited for studying 3D animation and special effects. My dream is to make it into the movie or game animation industry and make beautiful projects with amazing, emotionally compelling stories.

You can contact me at:


(650) – 946 – 6947

My Zenith Animation:

My Zenith animation was created with the original idea was to have a run animation based with the idea of someone running from their fears. Me and my partner wanted a neon theme but also use many of the programs and principles we had learned while at Freestyle.

Here is the document we used to pitch the project

I think this project is really important to me because I spent a huge amount of time on it and it properly shows what I am interested in. I really want to work with Autodesk Maya and animation more while still improving my drawing skills. I valued this project because I wanted to show what I could do, and I wanted to be able to improve on certain areas like 3D animation.

My Reel:

This reel is all of the exciting moments from animations and creations that I have compelted at Freestyle Academy. Much of the work that I have completed here is showed within the showcase. Before Freestyle I had never taken a drawing class and had no art credit in school, at the time I wanted to be an programmer. I value this project because I can see how far I have come and how much I have improved as an animator. Freestyle showed me my passion and this short reel is able to prove that I have done so much with my time here. To compile this specific reel I just used Adobe Premeir.

These two projects are very important to me and how I spend my time at Freestyle Academy. I want to pursue a career in animation and hope that these projects reflect that I am prepared and excited to take to higher education as well as the industry. Thank you for your time.

(For more of my work you can check out this website)