About Me

My name is Amara Lin. I’m a musician, artist, and Design student here at Freestyle Academy. Throughout my life I’ve valued creativity as a huge source of joy and stress relief. I play a few instruments including guitar, ukulele, and a bit of piano, but my primary instrument is my voice. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. Regular performances often with my sister have helped me to become comfortable performing and being on stage. As of last year I entered the songwriting world as well, and I plan to continue expressing myself and crafting my thoughts and words into a way that can be shared and relate to others. Moving forward I aspire to always use songwriting as a creative outlet even if it cannot be the center of my career. I also hold an interest in the fine arts, although I’ve never thought of myself as an artist in that sense until recently. I have come to utilize art in DBT(Dialectical Behavior Therapy), a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that I have become relatively well-versed in throughout my mental health journey. While I intend for my art to be observed by others, it has also kept me sane by allowing me to work through things in a healthy and beautiful manner.
In terms of Freestyle, my experience so far has allowed me space to grow and thrive in ways I did not think were accessible at my age. I’m so grateful to be able to approach the idea of high school in a positive light. I appreciate Freestyle’s intention to encourage kids to want to attend school, rather than view it as a burden and unstable environment. I am eager to learn new and unique skills that will help me further express myself as well as become a more well-rounded student.