“I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble”

My name is Ari and I used to be a student at Mountain View High School and Freestyle Academy. I enjoy playing video games and trying to cook and I also like learning about random things, especially history. In freestyle I have found myself using premier pro a lot, as I think it is a fun program to use and practice on.


Name: Ari Schwartz
Production class: Film
Plans for next year: Gap Year at Gap year then Still on gap year
Major or Job: Not entirely sure yet. Maybe urban planning or something more arts related. Probably working in a cafe during my gap year.
Reflection about Freestyle: It was a new form of education for me that I value a lot. Even though I wasn’t always the best student I loved going here.
Advice to 1st Year Seniors: Don’t think of it as school/work think of it as something youre passionate about.

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