Photoshop Art

In Digital Media, we practiced with photoshop art by creating digital paintings, surreal composition, and creating virtual reality 360 galleries.

Sunset photoshop pastel painting (after)

Original sunset (before)

I created this painting using different types of brushes and playing around with different widths and styles. I chose to paint this sunset because I loved the colors of the orange sun contrasting with the blue sky and ocean, and thought it would look nice as a digital painting.

Big Sur photoshop watercolor painting (after)

Big Sur original (before)

The watercolor painting on photoshop was even more fun than the pastel painting, personally, because it was something that I had never done before. I was surprised by how realistic the watercolor painting looks like.

Screenshot of photoshop interface; 360 galleries

For my images in my gallery, I chose to include photos that make me happy. Photos of plants, birds, my family, and some photos of strangers that I took in Thailand.

Surreal composition

For my surreal composition, I was inspired by Van Gogh’s starry night painting. I included it in the background of my illustration. I didn’t really have a clear message that I wanted to convey through this, I added things as I went along and thought of new ideas on the way. Some of my favorite artworks are the ones that I don’t plan out at all and just have fun playing around with. I like how this surreal composition turned out and it was fun to play around with photoshop and create something mystical that could never exist in the real world.

Multi-Layer Art Project

The multi-layer art project was one of the most challenging projects in Digital Media for me, but I learned a lot throughout the process. My final project is a 3D wooden ring that I created using photoshop and assembled after it was laser-cut onto wood. This is my process:

Although it is a pretty simple design, I’m really happy with the outcome of my 3D ring art. I built it together using glue and it’s the perfect piece of decoration for the little table in the hallway next to my room.