Video Productions

Breast Cancer Awareness Video

To raise awareness about breast cancer using promotional products, I was asked to edit together a video supporting these products and other organizations. This was my first paid job I had ever taken on and I’d like to thank Mindy Moss and Moss Marketing Agency for letting me make this video.

Chapman Submission Film

One of the requirements to apply to Chapman University’s Film Production major at Dodge College (which was my top choice) was to create a 2 minute film about a character making a dramatic decision. Using everything I had learned about video production and storytelling, I took a few days to film and edit this together. Looking back, there are a lot of things I felt I could have done better, but I feel satisfied knowing that I did the best I could given the circumstances. Thankfully, I was accepted and I will be able to attend school in the Fall of 2020! This film was completed thanks to the help of Matt Taylor, Kate Ahrens, Jordan Sharkey, and Shannon Gould.

Mandala Reveal Video

A mandala is a geometric Hindu and Buddhist figure that represents the universe in those religions. For my own personal mandala, I really valued being able to create something that was much different from everyone else’s mandalas. I draw little emoted characters all the time and I often clutter page after page with faces overlapping and going all over the place. I often draw these to express certain emotions, which is why I decided to categorize those emotions and culminate them in this repeating fashion. 

The character in the middle is Japanese for “me”. I’m not Japanese (I’m Korean, people get it mixed up all the time like “oh you speak some Japanese, are you Japanese?” “No.”), but there’s a certain aesthetic about Japanese lettering that really appeals to me and I try to implement it in my art.

A lot of the mandalas that are “beautiful” have very complicated and intricate patterns, but I think mine is beautiful in the way it represents me.

Here’s the video:

The image of the mandala and a colored version can be found on my visual productions page.

“We Need To Talk” PSA 2019

To raise awareness for the staggering number of teens and adults that contract STDs, my partner, Ilsa Askren, and I worked together to create a video to highlight these issues. This video was also made for a local contest that required the PSA to spread the message in a positive and creative way.

Homecoming Campaign Video 2019

In the Fall of 2019, I was graciously nominated to be apart of the 2019 MVHS Homecoming Court, along with some friends who had been given the same honor. To campaign for who would win in the categories of Most Inspirational, Most Spirited, and Most Inclusive, we were tasked with partnering up to create a “haunted” video featuring all the candidates in our group. We took an hour to film and I edited together the video the same day.

Homecoming Campaign Video 2018

My friend Varunjit, a graduate from Mountain View High School, back in the first semester of his senior year was a candidate for Homecoming King. Each pair of homecoming royalty students were able to make a video to promote themselves, and Varunjit asked me to help make a promotional video for him. After the video was played to the whole school, when the Homecoming football game came around, Varunjit ended up becoming one of the two Homecoming Kings that year.

Board Campaign Video

My friend Abby Hahn is apart of the dance team at our school, Dance Spectrum. Dance Spectrum has a board that consists of particular jobs that help coordinate their shows and the program as a whole. Abby wanted to run for the secretary position, and all candidates were able to produce a campaign video. I collected clips from Abby and edited them together and she was eventually elected as secretary.

Broadcasting 2018-2019

In my sophomore year of high school, I took our school’s Broadcasting elective and made numerous news stories, PSAs, and other creative pieces that were delivered to our school throughout the week. A specific program I worked on was called “The View Review” in which I reviewed various places such as restaurants in Saratoga, a local café, a nature preserve, and more. Here are the shows where those programs were broadcast:

Camping Trip Videos

In the summer of 2018, my friends and I decided we all wanted to go camping together. We’re a group of about 10 of the goofiest guys in our grade, so yeah… spending a few days in the woods with no supervision was a good idea. To encapsulate our experiences, I made a video modeling the intro to the TV show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. I liked making the video so much that when we went camping again the following year, I made a similar video to the music from the movie, Up. Here are both of the videos:

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