About Me

The Big Blue

Hello! My name is Felicia Wagner, I am in Freestyle Academy for my first year as a design student. I love the variety of classes offered at Mountain View High. My favorite is Spanish, which embodies a language I am passionate about learning, and so much culture I can not wait to explore. As for my artistic side, Art has always been an essential part of my life. Art has helped me gain confidence to become the outgoing, generous person I am. As well as take a step back from reality to look at two different lenses, the observed and the observer. I found art expresses my emotions, memories, and desires. I often turn to art still to cope with obstacles I encounter, Making art of great value to me. Other core values of mine include the people that got me to where I am today my family and friends. They have all pushed me to my pursuit of becoming successful and motivated me to keep going, with encouragement.

Outside of school, I spend as much time with my friends as possible! Our go-to activities include listening to music, exploring new places, swimming, trying out new restaurants, watching movies, and playing spike ball. I am also involved with the Ambassadors Club at Mountain View, some of our main focuses are community building and making sure all voices on campus are heard. I got the honor of being a Freshmen Pod Leader for the incoming 2026 class, the training process, and orientation showed me how much I like team building.