This is a photo of me.

Hey there! Welcome to my website. Everything you’ll see here are products I’ve made at Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts and Technology, an interdisciplinary school dedicated to preparing students for their future and teaching them to follow their passions. I’ve taken several classes to sharpen my skills and broaden my perspective on the world around me. These classes include English, Design, and Digital Media.

I’ve always been a fan of writing. Being at Freestyle has allowed me to experiment more with different kinds of creative writing including narrative and lyrical essays. I’ve also found that the English class here challenges students to think and learn from opposing perspectives. This mindset has fostered an environment for learning which I have so desperately craved from my pervious English classes.

Design has allowed me to view the world through a completely new lens. Most of my creative knowledge has come from my music education. Design allowed me to enter a completely new medium and learn about expressing oneself through painting, photography, and much much more.

Lastly, the Digital Media course I have been taking has allowed me to further my skills and understanding of a love of mine, music. Working with different applications like ProTools and Reason I have been able to compose my own music, something I would have only dreamed of doing before coming to Freestyle. Alongside music production and sound editing, I’ve learned the basics of coding and video editing.

I have experienced tremendous personal growth at Freestyle Academy in only two years. I hope you’ll find my projects intriguing, and note the improvement from junior to senior year.