about me!

i was born on April 16, so spring is obviously my favorite season. i’m Brazilian-Chinese born and raised in northern California. i have a younger brother (Leo) and a small dog (Rio). i love to travel and at age 17 i’ve been to 15 states and 13 countries. 

i’ve been rock climbing since the age of 6, though i rarely have time to do that anymore. one of my favorite pass-times is thrifting with my friends. my wardrobe is my pride and joy because of all the unique things i’ve made and gathered. i also love to dance, something that i really only got into because of the dance program at my school. 

my focus at freestyle is film, which is something i hope to continue in college and beyond. fingers crossed, next fall i’ll be at DePaul university in Chicago.

favorite songs at the moment

Senior End of Year Survey:
Production class: Film
Plans for next year: 4-year University at DePaul University
Major or Job: Next year I will be majoring in Film and TV
Reflection about Freestyle: Freestyle has been a great part of my senior year. It has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most creative people and form friendships I’ll never forget. The experience at freestyle is so unlike regular high school because it truly is like a safe haven. Not only is it the best outlet for creative people, but it’s also just a generally enriching and safe community. The system of learning feels a lot more usefully than anything done in regular high school. Also it’s so much easier to get close with people as we see each other everyday. Freestyle has been a saving grace for me and has helped me get through high school and gave me skills I can use beyond.
Advice to 1st Year Seniors: Senior year was the best year of my life, I am probably biased because it was my only full normal year of high school but I also think it was because of Freestyle. To make the most out of every experience, do it with passion. Whatever project you take on you must do it because you want to, that way the end product will be so much better.