March 27, 2019

The humor project is a project at freestyle academy that allows students to critique, and learn the tools of comedy.

I value learning about humor and what makes a joke funny.

Here is a 2 page work I did, analysing a Humorist, and my proposal for a comedy sketch

Humorists Conan O’Brien and Jordan Shalanski were some of the first humor sketches I watched on youtube. In these sketches, Conan acts as how Conan always acts, a egotistical, misogynistic, and slightly sadistic “bastard” type of persona. On the other hand, Jordan Shalanski is portrayed as a “Spock” like character, who exhibits no emotions, and is shown to be very intelligent. In one of their first sketches Conan discusses the topics of “Love” and “romance”. Conan starts by introducing Jordan and asks what he does on the show. Jordan responds that he has “a variety of responsibilities”, and something that will play a role in the future. After this, Conan begins to question Jordan on how how he grew on the shows as when he first joined he was a “nerd”. Jordan responds by saying that he has grown from “life experiences from a greater awareness of the outside world and the inside world”. I interpret this as absurd humor because of how inhuman the response sounds. Conan responses in shock asking “what does that even mean *looks behind himself* is there a script back here” adding to Jordans character of a “non human no emotion” personality. Conan’s next question to Jordan asks “How do you dress to attracts a women? What do you wear?”. Jordan answers in a monotone voice “I feel like its most important that you’re comfortable with yourself and wear something that will make you feel comfortable and confident”. This adds even more to the absurd nature of Jordans character as with the last 3 questions Jordan has avoided every question conan has asked without giving a definite answer for any question. After this, Conan point points out that he’s drinking at 11 AM, and that “this would be a long day”. This is an example of black humor due to the taboo aspect of alcohol, as well as including the time of day. After these remarks, Conan has Jordan converse with a toy teddy bear, with the intention of finding out how Jordan interacts with others. Jordan will again avoid exposing any new information about himself, and Conan gives the bear a distressed persona claiming that “everything is about you! You! You! You! What about me Jordan! What about me!”. Conan throws the bear away and brings in one of his female associates. Once again Jordan introduces himself, and after 3 minutes of his talking, the camera skips to different parts of the conversation, all of which Jordan does not ask for the female to talk once. Afterwords, both Conan and the female give Jordan “tips” on finding more success in his romantic life, with the female producer offering more genuine and realistic tips, and Conan insulting Jordan. These both represent black humor, and absurd humor. THe absurdity comes from the fact of Jordan’s character’s lack of humanity, and is a demonstration of black humor due to its use of Conan’s insults towards Jordan.

I find black humor, blue humor, and absurd humor to be all be very funny to me. That is why I will use these techniques for my comedy sketch. My comedy sketch will be a “bad lyrics review” imitating genius lyrics review.

To begin, I will first start by writing a bad “rap” song with lyrics that egotistical, misogynistic, and just bad. This will be the main focus of the video, as to show my character’s lack of self awareness.

Some lines I have so far include:

Yo! Im really good at everything

Not gonna say im the best

But at least I was born boasting

And I am the sharpest

The next step will be to add the artist’s analysis on top of the lyrics in video format.

*charcter reads on video*

Yo! Im really good at everything

Not gonna say im the best

But at least I was born boasting

And I am the sharpest

Then comments

“These lines just show how good I am at everything. I was born like, really smart, so obviously im gonna be really good at stuff”

This is to add to the “unlikable” nature of my character, as he continue to say stupid stuff like this for the entire video.

Black humor will be adding “asian” slanderous jokes

Absurd humor will be “stealing” Conan’s character as an obvious character who only thinks about how good he is, and everyone else is under him.

The blue humor will be demonstrated in my charachter’s lack of salf awareness

“Show a six pack, and a six pack of beers” -> not fit

This is the script I wrote for my project

Yooo whats up

Today I will be giving over my new hit single “free life”

I made “free life” without thinking going to deep, so my analysis will be fairly simple

♫ song ♫

Yo yo yo

We all be living

We all be dying

sHe’s brOKen

But sbroen right?


To start off, we ask ourself, what is the meaning of living.

We all gonna die, we all be living.

Its the basis of human nature to ponder this subject.

Shes broken, used, and sad


But the underlying message is SBREN right?


We have the holy words

The divine scripts

The perfect life?

A world as amazing

As the virtual one?


These lyrics come from my reverend bible

As a gift, I received edition of “gamer girl”

This book changed my life bruh.

It follows Allora, beautiful elfin princess with magical powers, but maddy in real life.

It follows the struggles of a gamer girl irl, something I deeply identify with

This book preaches only the truth in life, and nothing more.


Maddy aint packing no heat

Just like myself

Maddy aint got anything higher than a 34

Just like myself.


These are more direct comparisons to me, Lil kenny

I aint packing no… heat

The second line, “anything higher than a 34” is a refrence to one of my classes

I got a 34 in Migital Dedia right now, and so does maddy in her Calc AP class


I only have time for 1 more set of lyrics with you guys today, so here we go

We are tied to our cells

That we hold in our hand

Wait thats stupid

Just like life


The first 2 lines talk about our addiction as society to our mobile phones

The harsh reality we face as a SOCIETY is truly jarring, and scarry

But then thats actually really stupid hahha  

Just like that board game called life

Game sucks, no skill, actually broken game, devs suck

Anyway thanks for tuning in to this video, ill be back with a part 2 soon!

Here is the actual project itself

Here is the live preformance