May 30, 2019

Narrative at Freestyle Academy is based on social and civic responsibilities.

The first project I completed during the narrative unit was lyrical essay based on racial profiling of my hispanic friend.

Here is the lyrical essay.


It had been a good day for you. Your dad got a raise, and the family sends you to the grocery store to buy salsa for tonight’s party, or “fiesta,” as your family calls it.

Salsa and tortilla chips are the life of your family, enjoyed on every special occasion.

But as soon as you walk into the store it soon becomes the same ritual.

You can see it.

Their eyes following you

They see you.

The browns, blues, and greens dart away to avoid contact with your eye.

In any effort, your attempt to avoid interaction will ultimately betray you.

A man well dressed is shopping for chips in the same aisle, but who is he to you?

You take a glass jar of salsa, and place it into your hoodie pocket, walking to pay.

As you dart away from his eyes, he stops.

You keep walking, you don’t care about who he is.

As you feel his hand on your shoulder, the time stops.

Everything is frozen, as you manage to twist your body the other way to look at him.

“Are you trying to steal this? All of you illegals comin….”

Steal? Illegals?

Despite maintaining a 3.7 GPA in high school, your English skills have never been strong since moving from your hometown.

Your voice breaks:“ No sir, I wa….”

As you attempt to show the scrunched up 5$ bill that your father handed to you, an employee enters the aisle.

The man who grabbed you yells at the worker “this illegal was going to steal some Mexican sauce, but I caught him before he could run away.”

Steal? Illegal?

The employee’s attempt to calm the other man wasn’t working.

He lets go of you for a second to show where you “stole” the “Mexican sauce” from.


You run.

Run to the checkout.

Behind you, the other men watch as you pay for your “Mexican sauce”, and walk out of the store.

And that night, your family all enjoy your salsa and tortilla chips.

The first Project in design was a dypthic piece featuring a old man I found sitting at the embarcadero in San Francisco.

I took a picture of him and then threw that photo into photoshop.

I then masked him out, added a black background and followed it with a section of my lyrical essay.

Here is the final result

The second project I was a Japanese stab binding book created based on this essay.

Here is a video of my book:

There are 4 different types of pages.

There pages are:

Newspaper with calligraphic drawings

Clear paper with parts of my lyrical essay

Clear paper with calligraphic kanji

And photos of flowers in watercolor form

Every piece works together to make a final product

The last project from this time was my Mini Movie poster package

I created my movie poster with the theme being action based.

It has bright red as the main color, contrasting with a pure black silhouette of a adult, with a graphic gun underlining the main text of the movie

Here is the poster itself

I also created invitational tickets.