May 20, 2019


A zenith project is one of the final projects a senior completes at Freestyle Academy.

The word zenith is used to describe something at its “peak” or most excellent. Henceforth, a zenith project is what a senior completes at the peak of their freestyle story.

My zenith project is to design, and produce a card game. I have been playing card games for the last 12 years of my life predominantly Yugioh.

The challenge i’m placing for myself is to self design and create a card game.

Because I am a design student at Freestyle Academy, I designed cards. I self created a template, as well as the individual card arts.


To start I thought of how the game will actually play, and the different kinds of core mechanics.

I created a base for the different cards, and then built a frame for the pixel art.

Both the pixel art and the card designs were built in Illustrator, using vectors.

How to play

You start the game with a single factory that produces electricity every turn to their electricity pool.

With your electricity pool you can play machines, or buy cards from the market.

The market is a collection of cards that you can purchase using your electricity pool.

How to win

Each player will have a battery with 0% capacity in it.

To win, the player must collect 50 electricity

Completed Project

Here is a gallery of all the card arts

Here is a gallery of all completed cards: