May 20, 2019

My name is Kenneth Sasamori, and I am a second-year Design student at Freestyle Academy and a senior at Mountain View High School. I tend to spend my time doing more nerdy things such as video games, card games, and reading.

Next year, I will be pursuing a economics degree in Japan, and with that, I will have to be able to present information well, and interact with others professionally.

I am excited to showcase my Junior Documentary book as well as my Senior Podcast. While I know my book suffers from some grammatical errors, but I would like some feedback on its design. In my documentary, I learned how to converse professionally with interviewees and convey their stories meaningfully.For my future in business, showing mass amounts of data in a presentable fashion will be every important.  In my Podcast, I explored talking about subjects that don’t relate to me personally, but in depth and detail. Again, for my future, talking about a specific subject, and having the ability to interact with the other person will be an extremely important skill to have.

As stated in my introduction the first project I will be presenting is my documentary book.

In my documentary book, I covered the topic of Boy Scouts, and what it meant to be a scout.

Here is a my full book:

In this project, I studied the impact of scouting on various people, including a scoutmaster, a fresh Eagle Scout, and a veteran Eagle Scout.

This project had a lot of personal meaning to me because I myself am an Eagle Scout, however at the time of making the project I was not.

The project taught me how to organize and examine information, conduct interviews, and present documents.

For the photo’s I grabbed my scout shirt, and threw it agaisnt my table. I took photos of the different angles it landed and took photos of it. I then took those photos and chucked them into Photoshop and played around with lighting levels until I got this royal gold color from the photos.

The design elements included a self made fleur de lis and a guy hiking up a hill. These were both made in illustrator, with the pen tool.

Looking back on this project I see a few mistakes such as the acknowledgements page having incorrect paragraph formatting and a few capitalization errors around some parts, but overall I’m happy with the product I produced for the project.

The other Project I wished to present the Podcast I made in collaboration with Benjamin Cooper Peterson.

We titled our Podcast the B/K Podcast, and created a podcast cover.

And here is the soundcloud link for the podcast

Ben talks for the first half of the podcast about the first relationship, and I talk about the second.

This project stood out to me for three reasons.

The first reason is that I made a sick beat in the beginning sampling a saxophone tune, and adding some boom bash bing bang. It actually came out good imo.

The second reason is the core concept of a podcast.

Podcasts are something I listen too frequently, my favorite being “hello internet” by CPG gray and Dr. Brady Haran. The whole idea of podcasting and just talking is something I would be willing to do in Japan. (and vlogging)

The third reason is that in a professional setting, being able to talk and convey information based of research is important.

An example could be talking about different companies and their respective stock values. Hypothetically, in a meeting discussing company investments, having the information on different companies and talking in a podcast like sense about what to invest in would be very important.

My contact information:

Line ID: nekroz of ken

Phone Number: 1-650-224-5501

My phone number will not work in 5 months because I am going abroad.