About Me

My name is Lillian Husky, I am a student at Mountain View High School, an artist and an ultimate frisbee player. Some core values I hold are, compassion, sincerity and humor. I value compassion because it’s very important to be aware and kind to the people around you. Sincerity matters to me because the things you create mean more if they are a sincere expression of you; your beliefs and tastes. Lastly, I value humor because good jokes bring people together and remind us all not to take life so seriously all the time.

If there is one activity that I talk about all the time, its ultimate frisbee. I can’t help it because I sincerely think it’s the best sport ever invented, and its highly underrated. I could go on and on about this, but the two main reasons ultimate is amazing are that: one, its non contact, and two, it has specific rules/practices that promote spirit of the game (being nice to each other). Those two things make playing Ultimate a super fun. Other than that, I draw a lot. Sometimes I make watercolor paintings. And of course, I also watch TV and movies. Those are the things I enjoy.

This year at school I expect to find enjoyment as well as challenge in all of my classes. Now that I have fewer classes I have to take as well as the opportunity to attend freestyle, I feel like I have classes that I am very excited about. I hope that these classes make me struggle and think and grow as a person.