During the 2020-2021 school year, Marie was a senior design student at Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology. Creativity played a large role in Marie’s life for many years even before joining Freestyle – she enjoyed designing magazine spreads and logos, redesigning the layout of her room, photographing, and creating new recipes in the kitchen. Throughout high school, Marie was an editorial intern and photographer for a local newspaper, a writer and photographer for The Talon, LAHS’ student newspaper, as well as a freelance photographer. She loved staying busy with babysitting, community service, and staying active through exploring the outdoors, swimming, and running. She also greatly enjoyed meeting, connecting, and collaborating with others throughout her high school years and at Freestyle Academy.

Freestyle Reflection:

Although I only experienced Freestyle for one year and through distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I still feel like I learned a lot, as it exposed me to many tools that I would not have otherwise tried out (ProTools, AfterEffects, HTML/CSS, etc). Coming into Freestyle, I was very eager to acquire new skills and execute creative projects that I was passionate about, and Freestyle exceeded my expectations. I really appreciated the ‘learn by doing’ approach and how Freestyle provided us with broad but focused approach to creative learning. The work in English, Design, and Digital Media was always fulfilling and allowed us the creative freedom to create a final project we were happy with.