Through the Reflections Unit, I have learned how to successfully express who I am through various forms of art. Through Digital Media, I learned to show my personality through digital art and imaging, and I also learned how to use adobe software to express my opinion through videos and images. In English, I have learned to express my core values through writing and also how to express the experiences of others through writing as well. Lastly in film, I have learned to show who I am and relate that to the world through video footage.



In my English class, I have been tasked to produce a personal narrative essay and a lyrical essay. The Personal Narrative Essay assignment was based off of Ethan Sawyer’s advice on how to write a college essay that is equally vulnerable and informative. The Lyrical Essay Assignment was geared towards us being able to empathize with someone who is different from us in some way and produce a piece of poetic writing in order to help others understand the world from that person’s point of view. This essay was based off of Claudia Rankine’s writing in Citizen, which is a lyrical essay that she wrote herself. In English we also created an “Essence Objects” list, where we listed out things that make up who we are. Here is my list:

  1. Thin drumsticks with black letters written on sides with red marks
  2. Halos tangerines in the net bag-thing
  3. Car keys on purple lanyard with hand sanitizer attached
  4. A pan of seasoned, baked zucchini
  5. Red composition notebook (the diary I had for a long period of time in my childhood)
  6. A collection of Roald Dahl books sitting in the reading corner of a 3rd grade classroom
  7. A brown, wide-toothed comb
  8. A set of silver hoops (earrings I wear almost everyday)
  9. A dusty playstation 2
  10. A worn out iphone 6s case (blue with wolves and a dreamcatcher on it)
  11. A boar bristle brush
  12. A broken but functionable 3DS
  13. A collection of various rings
  14. A colorful baby walker
  15. Uneaten cheerios left on a paper plate on the dining table in the late morning
  16. A stuffed unicorn toy
  17. Green turtle necklace from Hawaii
  18. Deck of Phase 10 cards (one red number 8 card)
  19. A worn-in softball mitt
  20. An oversized green t-shirt with small white words in the corner

Digital Media

In Digital Media, the reflections unit consisted of producing two mandalas, one colored and one black and white, that represented our personalities in some way. We also had an additional project where we made a perspective video piece that conveyed a perspective that we have on something in the world or in our lives.


In film, we made Personal Essay videos, where we used voiceover to express something that gave insight into who we are, while using visuals and splicing together videos to make it more meaningful and relatable.