About Me

My name is Nicholas Te. I am student at Los Altos High School and a member of Freestyle Academy. Here at Freestyle, I take Animation. Through Freestyle, I have also learned how to become proficient in the Adobe applications, Pro Tools, and many more. Taking Freestyle was one of the best choices I made as community that is fostered here is very nurturing and I have been given access to opportunities I never would have.

As for some other things about me, in my free time, I mainly like to spend time with my friends, draw, or sleep. I have also picked up some instruments like the ukulele and drums which I practice at our Freestyle studio.

Nicholas Te

Nicholas Te

lahs and freestyle student


My Habits

Over the past year, working out has become one of the things that I genuinely enjoyed. It has helped me to gain confidence in myself and has become one of my best habits.

My Culture

The thing I chose to represent my culture is incense. In my asian culture, it’s something that we burn on special occasions or to honor our ancestors.