In this unit, we learned how to take creative risks in forms of poetry, photography, music, and art. These projects helped us to explore our creative side and taught us how to use modern technology such as DSLR cameras and audio recorders, as well as applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and WordPress.

The Conceptual unit helped me to see things in a more personal way. It taught me that pieces of art or literature may not just be what they seem, they could have a whole other meaning that the artist was trying to show, which made reading and viewing work more interesting.

Photo Haiku

Photo Haiku Picture:

This is my Photo Haiku. This is a poem that I wrote with the intention statement being; “I am exploring the feeling of defeat, through the experience of dancing.”. I put the haiku on a picture that I took of the sun setting because through this action, the sun was portraying the feeling of defeat.

Photo Haiku Video:

Photo Haiku Premiere Pro Screenshot:


The Photo Haiku project was the first thing we did in Digital Media. It was very important because it taught me how to use Premiere Pro, which is an application that we will use throughout Freestyle.


Project Poem/ Ekphrastic:

Freestyle took a field trip to the SFMOMA and in English, we had to write a poem about a piece of artwork we saw at the museum. This was in the form of an Ekphrastic poem. I chose the poem I wrote from this field trip to be my project poem as well. 

Poetry Intention Statement

I am exploring the feeling of defeat through the experience of living.

Exquisite Corpse Poem

In English, we created an exquisite corpse poem. Each person would write a line of a poem and then pass the paper they wrote the line on, to the person next to them. That person would then have to write a line with only the previous line as a reference. This caused the poem as a whole to not make much sense, however it did make it more interesting and allowed different writing styles to be displayed. 

Above is a screen shot of the After Effects production. I enjoyed learning how to apply poetry to a visual and audible format. This project allowed students to have more artistic freedom and produce something unique to us.