About this Podcast: 

  • This podcast is about gun violence in America and the topic of gun control. We interviewed another teen with opposing views on the topic. We wanted to make this podcast to start a discussion and allow listeners to form their own opinion on such a controversial and opinionated issue.

About Olivia: 

  • I am a senior at Mountain View High School in Mountain View California. I am very interested in design/ communication, music, politics, and community service. I hope to attend a four year university next year majoring in communications. I chose to do my podcast on this topic because I have a friend who attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, in which 17 students were killed by a school shooter. He became one of the founders of the March for Our Lives movement and inspired me to become involved/ attend these marches as well after hearing his story and seeing the pain that the massacre scared him with. I hope that our country is able to find a solution to gun violence and mass shootings, and I hope that my discussions can enlighten our generation to get involved and make a difference regarding the topic also.

Introduction section:

  • We are doing a podcast project because we are exploring topics that we find interesting and diving deeper into our creativity and interests. We are also learning about new forms of communication.

Process section:

Find our final podcast –https://soundcloud.com/freestyle-academy/sets/podcasts


  • I really valued being able to address a topic that I am very passionate about. I would recommend that first time podcasters brainstorm all of the discussion points they want to bring up during the podcast so that they don’t talk for too long and have reference points.