Narrative Visual Perspective in English

In English, our project was to write a Listener Lyric essay. I wrote mine on my mom’s journey to becoming a mother and her life after tragedy. To write our essay, we interviewed our subject and then wrote our essay based off of their story. Below is my work.

To Be Able

You find out you’re pregnant at the age of 43. Finally! After two miscarriages, God finally blessed you with the opportunity to become a mother to a baby girl, something you’ve prayed for since you were a little girl yourself. 

You couldn’t wait to go teach your daughter how to ski, hike, and explore the beauties of the world that you have grown to love. There was nothing you were more excited for. 

Four years later, you take your daughter with you to physical therapy across town. You go to get stronger so you can take better care of your little one. 

Fast forward 10 years. You’re living in the fourth city you’ve moved to since giving birth. You are excited to attend one of your daughter’s first high school football games to watch her cheerlead for her school. The game is held at the local community college. Her school is the visiting team at this game so you head over to the visitor’s bleachers to see your child perform. Come to find, there is something blocking your way from getting into the stands. You are told your only options are to sit on the track, or go to the home side of the field where you will not be able to see your kid. You file a complaint,  only to receive a rude letter saying that the school doesn’t have to change any of their facilities as long as they have one side that is accessible. You feel invisible. 

Your friends don’t treat you differently. They protect you, travel with you, and carry you through life. You are all moms, learning how to be moms together. 

What you’ve gone through may have changed your appearance, but inside, you’re still the same person you were before the accident. Happy, hard-working, determined, adventurous. Only now, you are more resilient, compassionate, and braver than if that drunk driver had never got behind the wheel. You are someone who has fought for their life and won, with a daughter that gets to benefit from having a mother because you chose to live.