Sofia Dominguez

Sofia Dominguez

"Ojo puesto en todo ya ni sabe lo que ve"

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About Me

Hello! I am Sofia Dominguez, a Senior at Mountain View High school and Freestyle Academy. Born in Mexico but moved to the US as a baby, I am fluent in Spanish (and English, clearly) and am learning Japanese. At school, I’m part of Ambassadors, where I help out with student events like as Orientation, Spartan’s Pause 8th grade parent night, and also try to make my school community more connected and inclusive.

I have two very cute guinea pigs called Frito (skittish, treat-addicted bean) and Ziggy (soft-hearted fluffy ball). I love collecting prints and stickers from artists I admire: I hope to one day have my bedroom walls covered with beautiful art and my drawers full of colorful stickers. I have too many novels & comic books I have not touched and old notebooks I’ve half-used in a tall crowded bookshelf, somehow I will convince myself to go back to those instead of buying new ones at Books Inc. (aka my kryptonite). A similar thing can be said of my painting supplies and colored pencils, which sit in a box in the corner of my room waiting for my bursts of motivation.

Really, a big part of my life is art. I love making traditional and creating digital art and thinking about art and looking at art. Other than that, outside of school I like to play the piano. I’ve been playing piano since I was around seven years old, and I also learned the cello in middle school but couldn’t continue because it was too much (sorry cello gang). I also do Tae Kwon Do, needle felting, read, and listen to music.

In my life, I try to focus on building my own opinions and decisions, by which I mean taking a special amount of care on what ideas and messages I want to keep from the outside and what I want to reject. This can be applied in as simple thoughts of what I want to wear for the day to the bigger thoughts of what careers I want to pursue for the rest of my life. In other words, anti-peer pressure protection.

This year, I expect myself to focus on keeping a good balance between normal school, Freestyle projects, home responsibilities, and free time. By fitting in time for me to relax, hopefully I can prevent procrastination as much as possible and recover from the pandemic distance-learning year.

The tagline for my site “Ojo puesto en todo ya ni sabe lo que ve” is a lyric from a Cuban musician named Silvio Rodriguez, whose guitar playing is as incredibly poetic as his lyrics. The lyric is from his song “La fábula de los tres hermanos” which translates to “The fable of the three brothers”. It roughly translates to “an eye placed on everything ends up not actually knowing what it sees”, but it’s really impossible to really capture the beauty of his songs in a translation. This lyric is really important to me because I often get overwhelmed thinking about Everything Everywhere All At Once, so much so everything gets mixed up and I actually end up really lost. This lyric is a reminder to myself to only focus on a few true, real things at a time.

Ziggy asking for food
close-up of brown guinea pig looking at camera smiling
Frito laying down like a spoiled king

Bonus guinea pig pictures: