Sofia Dominguez

Sofia Dominguez

"Ojo puesto en todo ya ni sabe lo que ve"

Photo Blog #54-Future

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Photo Blog #53: Frame within the Frame

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Photo Blog #52-Self-Portrait

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Photo Blog #51-Food

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About Me

Hello! I am Sofia Dominguez, a Mountain View High school and Freestyle Academy alumni. Born in Mexico but raised in the US, I am fluent in Spanish (and English, clearly) and am learning Japanese. At MVHS I was part of Ambassadors, where I helped out with student events to make my school community more connected and inclusive. I also helped organize the 2023 Freestyle Homecoming and the 2024 Freestyle Prom, so I really enjoyed being part of the Freestyle community!

I don’t know where I would be without Freestyle: whenever I hit a difficult spot in my life, Freestyle was always a home I could come back to. Here, I’ve met the most wonderful, eccentric, passionate, and loyal people ever. I felt like I could go up to anyone & just have a fun conversation with them, and I didn’t feel like I’d be judged or looked down upon. I’d always had trouble finding places where I fit in, where I felt respected, and Freestyle is the one place that had truly given me that. Ever since the first day, I already knew that I had entered a community generations big, and throughout these two years I was constantly inspired by alumni, peers, and teachers to create art that I could take with me for the rest of my life. Unlike my other classes, nothing I produced here will end up at the bottom of the recycling bin, and all the skills I learned are super practical applicable to any kind of work.

The tagline for my site “Ojo puesto en todo ya ni sabe lo que ve” is a lyric from a Cuban musician named Silvio Rodriguez, whose guitar playing is as incredibly poetic as his lyrics. The lyric is from his song “La fábula de los tres hermanos” which translates to “The fable of the three brothers”. It roughly translates to “an eye placed on everything ends up not actually knowing what it sees”, but it’s really impossible to really capture the beauty of his songs in a translation. I chose this lyric because I often get overwhelmed thinking about Everything Everywhere All At Once, so much so everything gets mixed up and I actually end up really lost. It’s a reminder to myself to only focus on a few true, real things at a time.

While in high school, one of my greatest sources of pride were my guinea pigs Frito and Ziggy, which were my first pets, and gave me a lot of inspiration and emotional support during these difficult years.

Ziggy asking for food
close-up of brown guinea pig looking at camera smiling
Frito laying down like a spoiled king

Bonus guinea pig pictures: