Sofia Dominguez

Internally practicing 40 hours a day
Sofia Dominguez

Sofia Dominguez

Internally practicing 40 hours a day

About Me

About Me

Hello! I am Sofia Dominguez, a student at Mountain View High school and Freestyle Academy. Born in Mexico but moved to the US as a baby, I am fluent in Spanish (and English, clearly) and am learning Japanese. At school, I’m part of Ambassadors, where I help with ELD tutoring and ELD student events.

I have two very cute guinea pigs called Frito (a wide-eyed, anxious, treat-loving thing) and Ziggy (big, soft-hearted fluffy ball). I love collecting prints and stickers from artists I admire: I hope to one day have my bedroom walls covered with beautiful art and my drawers full of colorful stickers. I have too many novels & comic books I have not touched and old notebooks I half-used in a tall crowded bookshelf, somehow I will convince myself to go back to those instead of buying new ones at Books Inc. (aka my kryptonite). A similar thing can be said of my painting supplies and colored pencils, which sit in a box in the corner of my room waiting for my bursts of motivation.

In my life, I try to focus on building my own opinions and decisions, by which I mean taking a special amount of care on what ideas and messages I want to keep from the outside and what I want to reject. This can be applied in as simple thoughts of what I want to wear for the day to the bigger thoughts of what careers I want to pursue for the rest of my life. In other words, anti-peer pressure protection.

A big part of my life, if it wasn’t implied already, is art. I love drawing and painting (digitally too but I prefer traditional media) and thinking about art and looking at art. Other than that, outside of school I like to play the piano. I’ve been playing piano since I was around seven years old, and I also learned the cello in middle school but couldn’t continue because it was too much (sorry cello gang). I also do Tae Kwon Do, needle felting, read, and listen to music.

This year, I expect myself to focus on keeping a good balance between normal school, Freestyle projects, home responsibilities, and free time. By fitting in time for me to relax, hopefully I can prevent procrastination as much as possible and recover from the pandemic distance-learning year.

Ziggy asking for food
close-up of brown guinea pig looking at camera smiling
Frito laying down like a spoiled king

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