About Me

I’m William Anderson, a current Junior at Mountain View High School and Freestyle Academy. I was interested in the freestyle program for the resources it provides and the real-life practice that the program teaches through technology, communication, and real work opportunities. Design is something I’m very passionate about having taken Architecture classes in prior years as well as 2d and 3d art courses. I gain inspiration from the experiences in my life, working memories, and different perspectives on what I create.

Outside of class, I like to fill my time. I feel most happy when I’m productive and getting things done. Doing chores, running errands, and going on drives are all things that I like doing-and of course spending time with my friends and taking full advantage of what California has to offer.

I’m excited to learn how to use all the equipment at freestyle this year and have the skills to use what’s offered to expand my creative drive. There’s so much here at our fingertips and I want to be able to execute my creative ideas in creative and professional ways.