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Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology

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2 Required Classes: English and Digital Media 3rd/Elective Class:  + Animation or Design or Film

2008-2009 Self-Portrait Websites
by 1st Year Students

Click on each name or thumbnail below to see each student's Narrative Website which represents the first website created by these Junior students in about 7 weeks. We first created a mock website based on an old version of the website along with other video tutorials created for the class to learn how to use Dreamweaver and Photoshop for web design. We then applied learned skills in making the original websites linked below. Features to look for in each website are individualized designs, rollover buttons, enhanced podcasts credos and essays, photogalleries and other content to convey a student's answer to "Who am I?" in our Self-Portrait unit. Here are the technical and other requirements for making these websites. Enjoy!