This unit was about figuring out who we were as artists, and what makes us unique. Through my artwork, I discovered through personal insight that I was more thoughtful than I give myself credit for.  I also saw that I had a sort of sense of humor, which was especially present for my mandala as I was drawing ridiculous animals.

Essence Objects

During this unit, I came up with different objects that were meaningful to me. These objects could be read as an extension of myself and my personality, since you can kind of tell who I am just by reading about the things that are important to me. This was really useful when I was trying to figure out things about myself.

-The boomerang on my wall | it reminds me of my family in spain and all the culture that I haven’t explored in depth yet

-My glasses that always seem to find themselves dirty | I feel like this is a representation of my work ethic, because even though I try to keep my glasses clean, and it’s important for them to be clean, they still end up dirty. 

-My pikachu beanie | I’m a little out there, and sometimes I’ll wear ridiculous things to show off my personality. 

-electric scooter | anyone who knows me knows this couldn’t have not been in the list. It shows a lot about me. No one else really shows up to school in a scooter, and it’s not very practical compared to a car. It just sticks on me because it goes fast, and it doesn’t use gas; it’s fun.

-My various LED electronics | I’m a show off, I like to gloat about stuff, and I love attention. LED’s scream for your attention.

-The blister on my hand | I know this isn’t really an object, but I’m getting a little more metaphorical here. I’m becoming more adventurous, and spending a few of my nights with friends climbing to places I’m not really supposed to be. The blister on my hand serves as a reminder to nights like those.

-My fake plant on my desk | I’m not going to water a real plant. But, the greenery that gets added with my fake plant really has a significant psychological benefit to be honest. So I’m lazy, but with style.

-My stupid old red vans | I used to hate vans. But, after I wore these pair for a pretty long time they started to wear out and become more comfortable. Now, it’s an iconic part of my outfit. I wear these every day.

-My XS plaid shirt | That shirt might actually be cutting off circulation to my body. But, it’s worth it to show off and look good.

-The stupid router at my moms house that keeps turning off randomly | I always bug my mom about this to try and fix it, and I think I’ve found the solution to the problem (it’s been almost a year and I just realized now that we don’t have the right power adapter). Kinda shows how stubborn I am and unwilling to accept discomfort.

-Cris’s phone that costs $150 | I am genuinely passionate about finding cheap electronics, or just cheap stuff that makes your life easier. You name it, I love finding alternatives to expensive products. 

-GoKart racing medals | I have like 8 medals from all the different birthday parties I’ve gotten first in K1 racing at. I don’t care if it’s someone else’s’ birthday. I don’t care if it’s just go karts. I am competitive. I haven’t thrown a single one of these stupid medals away.

-The same pair of black jeans I wear almost everyday | I try to think about only the important stuff, and bottoms are clearly not it.

-My water bottle | I find myself obsessed over the weirdest things, and one of them is my bottle that finds a way to make water taste better. It’s supposed to be a coffee mug but the way it pours the water just makes it taste better. So much better, that in fact I drank it 4 times in one class period, and had to go to the bathroom 4 times in that one class period. (the bottle is 500 mL, so I drank 2L of water in the span of 1 and a half hours.