About Me

My name is CJ (Charlotte Julia) Hoo, and I’m a class of 2024 film student at Freestyle Academy.

Frolicking in Versailles

I like to think of myself as an organized and creative person, but others are free to think otherwise. One of my core values is living today like there is no tomorrow. To some, this means trying new things and setting off on daring adventures with no regrets, but to me, it means spending my time doing things I truly love. When I no longer felt passionate about ballet, I sought out another style of dance that I would enjoy more. When I noticed that regular high school wasn’t fulfilling enough for me, I decided to join Freestyle. To sincerely live like there is no tomorrow, I try to set aside time for the things that make me feel like myself- even though they may be simple- and I make sure to express my gratefulness to my family and friends.

Outside of school, I water my houseplants, learn new languages, read books about Greek mythology, go to the movie theater alone, listen to music, hang out with friends, and dance. I did ballet for 10 years but have switched to more modern dance styles over the last 2 years after my passion for it waned.

This year, I expect to work really hard pursuing my artistic passions. I think I will be pushed creatively and learn lots of cool things at Freestyle that will help me be successful in the future. However, I also expect to struggle this year. Junior year is infamously the most difficult year of high school due to the looming pressure of college applications, but I know I’ll still try my best- no matter what happens.