Digital Media

Mandala Project

Winding lines

For this project, we had to design our very own Mandalas. This process was very relaxing as you could just turn your mind off and let your imagination fly.

Artist Statement

In creating my Mandala I really valued how I could just turn my mind off and draw. It was also really satisfying seeing all the parts connect when making the mandala. Throughout this project, I think I got to see a side of my subconscious because when I was drawing I was able to just zone out and would just draw whatever came to mind and that turned out to be really cool.

This I Believe Video

For this project, we were asked to write about a belief we had. We had to reflect on ourselves and then turn it into a story that showed this belief. After that, we recorded our stores than using after effects added animations and music to go with the story.

Why Can’t You Do It?

Personally, I would say I’m more of an indoor person than an outdoor one. I like to stay inside cuddled up in a blanket watching TV or playing video games, so when I was told that this summer I would be backpacking up to the summit of Mount Whitney, I had my doubts, to say the least. I didn’t think I was physically strong enough to make it to the top of the tallest mountain in the continental United States. That idea was further reinforced after the first training hike when I woke up the next morning and could barely walk. I kept thinking there was no way I could do it until I reached our first camp on the trek to the mountain when I asked myself why can’t I do it? What’s stopping me from climbing that mountain? All I had done up to that point was doubt myself and say I can’t without even trying, but there I was in the middle of nowhere about to hike to and summit the tallest mountain in the continental U.S. In the end, I did end up summiting Mount Whitney and I proved to myself that because I  took a leap of faith and tried even though I didn’t think I could. When I looked around I saw that snow-capped mountains that once towered over and made me feel so tiny except now I was the one looking down on them, I was able to stand on what felt like the top of the world. 

After that trip, I’ve been trying to do more things to see what I’m truly capable of. For instance, I’ve started my first film job making a promotional video for a nonprofit teaching farm called Deer Hollow and as this year goes on, I plan to try even more things that I don’t think I can do as well as taking on more changes. It seems hard to try new things, but if you never try in life there’s no way you will ever grow as a person. So I believe that you never know what you can do until you try.

This is my After Effects work space where I made the video:

PhotoShop Art Projects

For this project, we used photoshop to make different forms of art like painting and 360-degree photos. From these projects I’ve really valued how I was able to just kick back and relax during these projects.

I found this image when looking for things to paint and I thought it would make a really cool painting so I ended up painting an outline and I really like how it turned out.