College Personal Essay

As a kid, I remember running around the local parks with a group of boys looking for mysterious creatures such as witches or monsters. I would imagine games for me and my friends to play at lunch where we would go on quests or save people in need.  At home, I would construct massive worlds with legos and illustrate stories depicting epic battles between good and evil. My little legs would never stop moving and my mind would never stop racing. I was always wanting to imagine another game to play, a creature to discover, quests to embark on, battles to depict, and worlds to build. These activities inspired my love for creating and sharing stories. 

As I grew older, the call of adventure amidst my curious surroundings grabbed me. My friends and I would bike all over with our cameras. We would explore old storm drain tunnels, bike down winding paths of the bayside trails, and ride the train to San Francisco. We had no destination in mind. The graffiti painted over the walls of the storm drain tunnels, the salty air and thriving wildlife of the bayside trails, and the never-ending motion and bustle of San Francisco showed me that stories existed beyond my imagination. Through these adventures, I learned that everything, even inanimate objects, has their own story to tell. 

My time in Boy Scouts throughout high school revealed a whole new set of journeys. With Boy Scouts, I had the opportunity to go on many camping, backpacking, and live aboard scuba diving trips. Over the past two summers, I had been training for a 10-day backpacking trip to New Mexico. Both years, days before we were planning to leave, the trips were canceled at the last minute due to forest fires and then recently Covid-19. We were required to quickly plan alternative journeys, such as trekking for 10 days on the John Muir Trail the first year, and then backpacking over 70 miles to the top of Mount Whitney this past summer.  Scouting was full of escapades, each one building upon the next. Through scouts, my eyes were opened to how much you can accomplish when you work with others and how everything improves when you have other people by your side.

  In junior year, I discovered my passion for filmmaking. I was lucky enough to be selected for a dual enrollment program where half of my classes were at my high school and the remaining were spent studying film production at Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts and Technology. I fell in love with seeing the ideas in my head come to life. With the classes at Freestyle Academy, I’ve gained skills and studied many different aspects of filmmaking. From experimental films to documentaries, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

I have loved to tell stories since childhood, and now I want to make films to tell more stories and reach even more people. Whether it is through narrative films or documentaries, I want to make films that capture the magic of my past experiences. I want to create films that will give viewers the same magic that I felt as a kid imagining new worlds and games. Except now instead of my stories being confined to the playground or my head, they will be brought to life on the movie screen for all to see.