Digital Media


A New Frontier
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Intro to Poem

This is a project that I did in English and Digital media we came up with a poem in English and created the audio as well as the photoshopped pitcher in digital media. The paint in the pitcher was taken at the San Fransisco Museum Of Modern Art(SFMOMA). The poem that is being presented here is based on a painting in the SFMOM.

Throughout this project, I learned a lot about how to properly record, edit, and manipulate audio using Pro Tool and Photoshop to create a custom image to go with the poem.

This is the editing of the audio in Pro Tools
This is the photo shop work space

Photo Haiku Video

This was our first main assignment at freestyle where we got our concept statements out of a hat after that we had wright a poem about them and they take a photo that when with our poem.

Elements & Principles of Art

In this project we learnt about the elements and principles of art and put them in slide show.

Elements and Principles of Art Title Page