About The Zenith Project

The Zenith project is our big final project at freestyle. For this project, we are changed to follow something that we are passionate about. It’s called the Zenith project because as our last project at freestyle it’s meant to show off how much we have grown and it is in a way the peek of our freestyle work.

About My Zenith Project

For my Zenith project, I decided to try to make my very own sound effects. I’ve always been interested in sound design in films and I thought it would be a fun and interesting experience to try to do them myself. Sound design is a very important part of film and making sound effects isn’t always easy so I decided to challenge myself to make sounds that don’t actually exist in this world such as lasers.

The Making of The Project

The Final Product

Zenith Presentation

Zenith Refection

I was actually very proud of the outcome of my zenith presentation. The sound effects turned out very well and sounded quite nice as well. If I was to do something diffrent If I were to do this again it would be to film more clips and make more sound effects. I would also try to make a better sound recording area because for the sound effects I feel like I could have done that better.