About Me

Eli Ladd

Hi, im Eli😲, right now I am in high school, pursuing my education in life. I enjoy lots of things, and I am an avid reader of the fantasy genre, and do like playing any sort of games with friends! I really value people speaking their mind, and speaking up for themselves, even though I have trouble with that at sometimes too.

I like to do things outside of school. “What do you like to do outside of school?” you might ask. Good Question! I try to do creative things, like making foam swords, but finding the motivation is tough sometimes. I also love playing Magic the Gathering, and many computer games. I also dabble in creating minecraft animations!

I chose Freestyle because I would like to get better at is all things art, and I don’t really care how much better, because all I seek is improvement, proving to myself that I can get better if I try.