About me

Hello I’m Harrison Denman and, at the time of writing this, am currently in my third year of high school, and first year at Freestyle Academy. I do lots of stuff, including:

Video Editing
Visual Art (both traditional and digital)
And Storytelling through these methods

To be honest, the way I’ve put here makes it sound a lot more professional than what I do really is. All I’m really trying to say is that I like to create things that are interesting to me and hopefully others as well. In my free time I like to talk or play video games with friends online (not so much in person anymore (thanks covid)), watch educational or entertaining videos online, and draw silly things.

I hope this comes off as funny because otherwise I just look actually deranged

Most recently I’ve been trying to learn 3D modeling with a free opensource program called Blender, as well as learning to play the guitar. I’m not great at either, but I’m working on it. In the near future I’d like to improve my skills in these and many more subjects, as well as learn new techniques for things like video editing.

Freestyle So far

During my time so far at Freestyle, short as it may be (about 4 weeks at the time of writing this), has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I’ve already learned so much, and I cant wait for whats to come. Some of the things I’m most excited for are Digital Animation, Music Production, and Creative Writing.


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