About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is Isabella Clements Leedeman and I am a senior at Mountain View High School and Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts and Technology.

 Throughout my time in this program, I have learned many new skills which I have used to create projects that I hope to showcase on here.

Prior to Freestyle, I was not enjoying my routine at my high school. I was (and still am) passionate about music so I was enrolled in four music classes playing percussion. I brought a sketchbook with me daily but I was not confident in my abilities so it was mostly kept to myself.  These creative outlets helped me get through the first two years of high school but once I heard about the opportunities given at Freestyle I was surprised and excited. Before I had even signed up I had an internal battle with myself. Digital media offered many different skills including music production which was something I was immediately drawn to. However, I found myself becoming more and more interested in Animation.

I eventually took a leap of faith and started my junior year in Animation I at Freestyle. I was anxious about my abilities and assumed I would be behind with my skills but I was surprised to find the entire class at all different skill levels. I began to get used to the daily flow in the program and realized it no longer felt like a class because I was so motivated to continue working on the projects and challenges I was presented with. The project-based work environment mimics that of a job and I feel better prepares me for real-life situations.

As I am beginning my second and final year at Freestyle I am excited and motivated to see what lies ahead.