The conceptual unit was the first unit of my junior year. I learned a lot of basics but as time progressed I began to learn how to express myself in new unconventional ways. This included poetry, photography as well as animation.

This was a haiku I wrote and a photograph I took that correlated with the theme.

This is an Ekphrastic poem I made based off of a piece of artwork I saw on our trip to the SF MOMA

Spoken Word

My spoken word poem is based on my point of view of my mother’s illness

Transport Photo Assignment

In this assignment, we had to take photographs of wheels that are a part of non-motorized methods of transport. The object I chose to photograph was a wire caddy with wheels. My mom has used this caddy for 17 years and I really enjoyed the small scratches and marks on the wheels because they gave the image age. Additionally, the background I chose was the cement in my backyard because I thought it could add to the theme of aging. I decided to shoot the wheel from close up and at an angle because I wanted to make sure I displayed all of the small details in focus.

After taking the photo, I applied several of the techniques we learned in Adobe Photoshop to enhance it even further. I focused the saturation on the reds in the photo and decreased all of the other colors in the photo until it was left with just red, black and white. I did this because it emphasized the contrast of colors in the photo, focusing and drawing the viewer’s attention into the spoke of the wheel. I also used the cropping tool in order to bring the left side of the image in, because there was a lot of unnecessary background blur and I needed to bring more focus to the wheel using the Rule of Thirds.