English Lyrical Essay

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Photo of my black and white mandala following a forest theme

When I was creating my mandala in Adobe Illustrator, I valued how much focus and patience that was required to create it. I enjoyed the simple designs that turned into complicated patterns and having so much creative freedom with this project. Because of this, I decided to challenge myself and make my mandala using a forest theme as my guideline. I transitioned between objects found in the forest and flower petals to separate the layers in order to maintain organization. Overall, I found the creation of this project to be very rewarding because I got to hold the physical piece of detailed illustration engraved in wood.

Freedom Project

3D narrative film will be coming soon! 

I have had way too many technical issues with this project but every day I am getting closer to having the product I want.

Just one example of one of the issues I have had


This was from my render this morning! The baby is obviously looking a little more human but I lost animation so it is obviously not completely fixed