Introduction: “Who am I?”

This is the first unit of my senior year and we were given the unanswered question “Who am I?” This unit has required reflection upon our life experiences and ultimately asked for different forms of answering this question in each of our classes. In English, we were asked to create a personal essay to individually answer the question. In our Digital Media class, we were asked to record our personal essays as well as create a “Perspective Piece”, a recorded piece of writing about a topic we are passionate about. When creating the perspective piece we used Pro Tools to record and After Effects for the creation of the video afterward. In Animation, I provided an answer to this question by creating a personalized name tag for my sketchbook and a 3D object that represents me created in Maya.

Personal Essay

The personal essay was an assignment in my English class that was created with the intention of answering the question “Who am I?” For me, writing this piece was a long and tedious process with many inner conflicts that created conflicts during the creation process. I believe that eventually, I was able to begin to answer the question through this assignment by describing a struggle I have faced.


Perspective Piece

In my Digital Media class, we were asked to create a perspective piece about a topic we are passionate about. I chose to address the everyday problems women must face just for their gender. After recording this piece using Pro Tools, I used After Effects to add photos and text to the video in order to make a video that correlates with the audio. I believe that this piece helped me respond to the question “Who am I?” by letting me express my view on a topic I am passionate about.


Name Doodle

My first animation project of the year was a name doodle that needs to represent me. I decided to use a drum as the focal point of the illustration then added a sky to try and further show who I am in a more abstract manner.


                                                         my sketches and drafts for the name doodle

                                                                                                                            final product