About Me

Welcome to my website. My name is Max Mayer and in 2018-2020 I was a Junio and Senior at Freestyle Academy. At Freestyle I took Design, English, and Digital Media. My favorite part and most valuable takeaway from Freestyle is how all the classes interconnect. We might write something in English, then take photos about it in Design and convert it into a video in Digital Media. This creative project-based learning is lots of fun and challenges you in a very different way than regular high school.

The artwork I create outside of school is normally mixed media, but predominantly ballpoint pen or ink and colored pencils. I enjoy drawing faces and capturing their emotion. I also draw lots of caricatures. I worked at Great America drawing them live after my sophomore year. However, I find it more enjoyable to draw more intriguing and creative illustrations of caricatures in private taking my time.

If I am not drawing or doing something art-related, you could have probably found me playing soccer. Soccer has always been one of my passions and its the only sport I have stuck with since a young age. I played varsity soccer since freshman year at Mountain View High School.

Freestyle has taught me how to learn. Lots of things that we see on the internet, in movies or in art is not that complicated. It can take time to learn these skills, but the tools and tutorials are out there if you want to learn something.