In our weekly photo challenge, one of the photos we were asked to take were photos using what inspires us.

  • Inspirational

    Current Event

    COVID is continuing to grow in America. School is cancelled and everyone is isolating themselves. Normally lots of kids come out to play on our street, but now everyone is indoors.

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    This is a piano with an open case shows how pressing the keys makes noise.

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    I worked as a caricature artist. This is a photo of some of my practice work.

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    The Elements

    I was always fascinated by the blue flame on ovens. I thought the flame was never hot because it was never orange as a kid.

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    I am grateful for the holidays. I love to see my family together and to have a break from school.

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    A Habit

    One of the most basic habits most of us have is brushing our teeth. It is a daily and nightly ritual. When I think of a habit, brushing my teeth is first to come to mind.

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