Visual Productions

One Page Flyer

This is my practice one page flyer. I chose to do a fake basketball camp, that was coached by former professional athletes. To grab viewers attention I use Lebron James as the center of attention. The camp is called 3D, so I used retro 3D colors (think of the old 3D glasses with blue and red lenses). I masked James out of a photo and duplicated the photo two times. I changed the hue and saturation of the colors to reds and blues. Than I used a splatter paintbrush to create a particle effect.

The Process

This is my Adobe InDesign document. On the left you can see my swatches and on the right you can see my pages. Notice the links panel in the top right. The links panel allows shows me all the parts of the document outside of Indesign. For example you can see the link for “Lebron PDF”. This is because I made the Lebron image in photoshop. If I would change the image in photoshop, I could relink the photo and InDesign will update the image.


This is my practice Tri-Fold. I used free stock photos from Pexels, in order to create this. The text is placeholder text. The first part of the Tri-Fold uses a monochromatic color scheme. The second part uses reds and blues. My favorite part of this Tri-Fold is the black wave line that goes through all the pages and organizes the text pieces.

The Process

This is my Adobe InDesign document. Notice the swatches panel and links panel I previously discussed in the one page flyer. The Tri-Fold project is unique, because the piece will be more interactive if printed. You need to make sure information and images are located in the correct pieces. The first page (or the one you can see in this image) is the front part, wheres the second image is the insides.